Leather and Suede

Leather and Suede

John Anton’s Cleaners uses a professional, qualified leather cleaner to get your items looking new!

Bring in your leather and suede garments for assured expert cleaning; each item receives individual attention, from spot removal to dye matching, to water repelling.

Our customers can be certain that their leather or suede garment receives the best care possible.


Leather cleaning is a specialized process designed to preserve the look and feel of the leather or suede garment and its unique characteristics. Leather’s inherent qualities such as its ability to breath as well as visible properties such as vein, tic, and scar marks that we refer to as beauty marks, often become more prominent after cleaning.

During cleaning, stains and soil are removed, vital oils are replenished and colors are restored to the leather. Every attempt is made to safely remove stains without damaging the look and feel of the garment.The garment is cleaned in baths of detergents and natural tanning oils uniquely created for the garment type (cow, pig, lamb, etc.), to maintain the delicate balance of oil in the animal hides.

Expert color matching replaces colors, which have been lost during the normal wear-from exposure to elements and through the standard cleaning process. Every effort is made to insure a good color match. The garment is then pressed using specially designed finishing equipment. The garment is inspected throughout the entire process to ensure that the highest quality of service is achieved.

Finally, it is sprayed with a Water Repellent to protect the leather/suede and extend the life of the garment.